Air Cadets regularly have the opportunity to fly with Royal Air Force pilots in a Grob Tutor aircraft (shown below). Flying takes place at one of the 13 Air Experience Flights (AEFs) located around the UK, normally on an RAF station. We attend Boscombe Down, just over an hour away by minibus. A normal air experience flight in an aircraft this size is around £150.00, with the Air Cadets its FREE!!!

On arrival cadets are first given a briefing of what to expect by one of the RAF pilots, with the aid of a short instructional video. When your turn comes to fly, you'll be taken to be kitted out in a flying suit, helmet and boots, and then guided out to the aircraft by one of the ground crew. The pilot will then take off and then show you how the aircraft flies and you'll be given the chance to control the aircraft, experience aerobatics or simply admire the view and talk to the pilot.

All Air Cadets get the opportunity to fly with the AEF at least once each year, each flight lasting about 25 minutes. At Havant Squadron we average about 6 flying slots a year.

In recent years, Air Cadets have experience AEF flights in other aircraft such as the Hercules, Nimrod's, Sentry's, Tristar's, Sea King, Puma, and Chinook helicopters (which are based at RAF Odiham in Hampshire).

Air Cadets can later apply for a Air Cadet Pilot Scheme (ACPS) and Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Scheme (ACPNS) in order to gain 'wings' worn on the uniform.

Air Cadet Pilot Scheme

Cadets who wish to pursue a career in aviation can apply for the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme(ACPS), which provides a pinnacle of flying experience for those cadets lucky enough to be selected. Upon completion of the course the cadet will be issued with thier coveted "wings" (pictured opposite) which is worn on the uniform.

There are three Air Cadet Pilot Schemes available:

  • Air Cadet Light Aircraft Course involves twelve hours flying training up to first solo standard in a light aircraft at a civilian flying school.
  • Air Cadet Air Experience Flying Course offers ten hours flying training at an Air Experience Flight on the Grob Tutor covering all aspects of applied service flying including advanced handling and aerobatics.
  • Air Cadet Microlight Course provides ten hours flying training up to first solo standard in a microlight aircraft at an RAF Microlight Club. The badge is different for this course (pictured opposite)

Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Scheme

Want to wear the coveted pilot navigation badge? You could be one of up to 30 cadets that win a place each year on the Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Scheme - run at Air Experience Flights. The entry criteria for applicants is the same as the Pilot Scheme. It’s a great chance to really expand your knowledge of aviation navigation.

Flying scholarships

Prove that you have the aptitude for flying and you could bag yourself a prestigious flying scholarship. There are several scholarships available to air cadets each year. These are sponsored by the Royal Aero Club, the Air League Educational Trust, the RAF Charitable Trust, the Geoffrey DeHaviland Foundation, Babcock Defence Services, the RAF Association and the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators. For many cadets these courses are the stepping stone to their PPL - Private Pilots’ Licence - and potentially a career as a pilot with the RAF, the Royal Navy, Army or commercial airlines.

Some cadets achieve their PPLs before they even get their driving licence, so the sky really is the limit!

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