Drill and Uniform

Drill and uniform (don't let that scare you) in the ATC we have uniforms. You will be taught by your adult or cadet NCOs on how to wear and maintain your uniform.

Our main uniform is RAF Blue-Grey in colour, but generally known just as 'Blues' which are worn around the squadron or on visits to military bases and camps.

We also wear camouflage uniform , which is known as 'combats', 'DPMs' (Disruptive Pattern Material) or just plain 'greens' these are worn when doing field craft or just running around in a field.

A wedgewood or 'light blues' for more formal occasions like parades or drill compations.

Wearing uniform gives you a sense of pride in yourself and your squadron, as well as helping to instil confidence and smartness. Remember always wear your uniform with pride!!

There are many badges that you can receive throughout your time with the ATC. Many are from doing extra courses like first aid or the leadership course. You can obtain your wings to wear proudly on your shoulder or your marksmen to show how good you are at shooting, no matter what badges you have they are all have one thing in common- you will have had a great time working towards them.

Drill is also a big part of our training; improving self discipline, confidence and giving a further understanding into military life. You will be taught how to march and perform manoeuvres on static or on the march. Don't worry it's not as bad as it sounds. When your drill comes to a standard you will be able to take part in competitions, continuity drill (drill without orders) banner drill (marching with a flag) and sometimes even rifle drill.

In the ATC we have, if you so wish to call it, a drill 'bible'(ACP 19) which tells you the correct way and timings to carry out the manoeuvres. Your adult or cadet NCO will teach you everything you need to know to become a drill master yourself. And you never know you can have a great time learning and putting this into practise.

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