Now on to the most the more fun stuff you can do- camps! There are loads of different types of camps here in the ATC; Greens, annual, overseas and many more. You will meet people from all over the country and make loads of new friends that will stay with you throughout your life.


A greens camp can range from just a weekend exercise with your squadron or a week jammed pack with field craft, shooting and military skills. (MFST, Military Field craft and Shooting Training) you will learn how to do camouflage and concealment, leadership and initiative skills, shooting and marksmen, tactical and scenario evaluations and many, many more things. This is a great camp if you love being outside and if your full of energy; it is both mental and physically challenging and will give you opportunities you can't get from anywhere else.


Whether this is Easter, summer or autumn camp, you will be in for a treat. Staying on a RAF base, in the billets, for a week. You will learn how to keep your room and person tidy having room inspections and competitions to get the best mark for their room (sad we know but trust me its funny). Eating what the military eat in the mess (dining room) best food your ever have! Going flying at local bases, having the chance to shoot and obtain your marksmen, evening exercise (MFT) and high ropes, local squadron visits (like the fire squadrons) and more educational visits like to military history museums ....plus many more things. These are weeks that you do not want to miss out on and only cost you £40 to £50 (if you tried to do this outside of the ATC you would be looking in the region of hundreds of pounds for an opportunity like this) so in my eyes it's a bargain!!


There are many overseas camps that you can also go on with in the Air cadets. Whether this is an exchange to America, Canada or even Australia or normal camps to:

  • Akrotiri on Cyprus. A 10 day camp over the Easter school holiday period and at select other times of the year.
  • RAF Gibraltar in Gibraltar.
  • JHQ Rheindahlen in Germany
  • USAF Ramstein in Germany
  • International Four Days Marches in Nijmegen, Holland annually in July. Where cadets complete a massive 160 km walk over 4 days.

The ATC is also part of the International Air Cadet Exchange which gives the opportunity for cadets from all over the world to experience a different way of life. More details can be found here. http://www.iacea.com

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