Links to Internet Resources

On this page you will find link to places on the Internet which would be of interest to CADETS of 2327 (Havant) SQN Air Cadets.

Key Air Cadets Websites

Hants & IOW Wing

Air Cadet SQNs are organised into Wings. Havant is part of the Hants & IOW Wing.

Hants & IOW Wing website

Hants & IOW Wing on Facebook

South West Region

Wings are organised into Regions. The Hants & IOW Wing is part of the South West Region.

South West Region website

South West Region on Facebook

Other Local Air Cadet Squadrons

2260 Waterloovile SQN

The closest Air Cadet SQN to Havant and as such a great alternative if travel would be easier.

2260 Waterloovile SQN on Facebook

1927 Petersfield SQN

The SQN has close ties with Petersfield. Even more so at the moment as their current CO used to be based at Havant.

1927 Petersfield SQN website


1189 Portsmouth SQN

Another great local SQN which is easily accessible.

1189 Portsmouth SQN website


Gliding Locations Used by the SQN

618 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS)

618 VGS is based at RAF Odiham, only about an hour from the SQN.

618 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) website

618 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) on Facebook

622 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS)

618 VGS is based at RAF UpavonOdiham, about an hour and a half from the SQN.


622 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) on Facebook

Website Updates:
Annual Camp at RAFC Cranwell
Gold DofE
RAF Odiham Families Day
Onboard for Julbilee Flypast
RAF Benson Camp
Gold DofE Expedition - Exmoor
Wing 5-a-side Competition
Region Athletics

Air Cadet Magazine

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