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23-Aug-2014 to 26-Aug-2014

Gold DofE

As the end of summer approached, cadets and staff members from all around the Hampshire and IOW Wing, as well as London, tackled the hills and landscapes of the Peak District to complete their DofE expeditions. Over the course of 6 days, cadets took part in either their silver or gold expedition, practiced and assessed, walking over multiple types of terrain through the changing weather. Although the weather remained clear for most of the expedition, there was still a bitter chill at night and low visibility days alongside pouring rain which proved a challenged for even the most experienced staff and cadets. However, on the days where the sun managed to break through the clouds, both staff and cadets were able to appreciate the scenery and landscaping of the Peak District which is a popular destination for cyclists and walkers from around the country.

All of the silver and gold groups passed their expeditions. A number of cadets from the 2327 Havant took part in the exercise.

After the gold assessed groups have put forward a presentation on their expedition, they will be given the opportunity to visit St James Palace to collect their rewards. The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is very popular throughout the ATC organisation, but especially amongst Hampshire and IOW cadets. After a very successful award ceremony earlier in the year 2014, we are hoping for another successful ceremony with a number of Hampshire and IOW cadets representing their wing.

A massive congratulations to all who took part, and to the staff which made the expedition possible.

CI Burrows

Gold DofE