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25-Oct-2014 to 1-Nov-2014

Annual Camp at RAF Cranwell



The coach picked up 39 cadets and staff and arrived at RAFC Cranwell at 3pm. The cadets unloaded the coach and were allocated rooms to unpack. Then they completed a familiarisation exercise and had to find buildings around the station. Then it was time to get fit and take part in inter-flight sports which was 5-a-side and crab football.


We visited Duxford the Imperial War Museum. This is a massive museum with lots of aircraft and a warfare building with lots of tanks and vehicles inside. We saw Guy Martins Spitfire, the Concord and the B17 Sally B (used in the Memphis Bell film). Then back to camp for more sports - dodge ball this evening.


After room inspections yesterday, today was uniform and room inspections after breakfast. We then had the station brief for flying in the King Airs and a group of cadets went straight up. "It was interesting as they tested the pilot skills to land and take off quickly whilst we were on board. We could also see all the other local RAF Stations", Cadet George. We got changed into combats after lunch and got to visit the fire section. This was very different than any other fire sections visits as we got shown how and did room searches with smoked filled goggles so it simulated being in a smoke filled room. It was a funny experience seeing the cadets trying to rescue people (dummies) almost blind and treading on who they were meant to save! The more the cadets did it the better they got. We then did some team building before dinner after we went bowling for more inter-flight points.


National Memorial Arboretum

This morning 9 cadets stayed on camp to go flying with 45 Sqn but this was cancelled so they got to go flying in the training simulators instead. They also had a visit to Air Cadets HQ and went in Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty's office and spoke to her and had "slefies" taken! The remaining cadets went to the National Memorial Arboretum. This is a massive area filled with gardens and forests with memorials to all 3 forces and cadets and regiments/squadrons and the police, fire service and other charities. I was saddened and proud to find the name Kinikki Griffiths on the memorial as he was a Hants and IOW cadet who joined the RAF and in 2010 was killed in a road accident on patrol near Camp Bastion. He was based at RAF Honington and was a SAC in the RAF Regiment. That evening was the swimming which CWO Coe took. 1st a warm up of Aqua aerobics, then the swimming tests followed by volley ball.


This morning was camp photo in front of the gate guardian. More cadets went flying. 12 cadets got to go on the simulators. We then got shown 45 (R) Sqn training area for loading aircraft. We were shown by Flt Sgt "Tiff" he explained about loading aircraft and training with the mock ups and simulators. We then had drill practice with help from Bad Lads Army Sgt Nauyokas. This afternoon the cadets that needed weapons training stayed on base for this and the rest got to visit the Cathedral City of Lincoln. This evening we played indoor hockey.

Flight simulators



Today we drove to RAF Digby and cadets shot the No 8 and L98. They also practiced some drill and some cadets had a trip to Lincoln. After dinner we cleaned the weapons and minibuses then had a choice between admin/free time and watching a film.


This morning was drill practice and room inspections. We then all went to RAF Conningsby and had a guided tour of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. This was interesting hearing about the history of the aircraft and how they repainted every 3 years as different marks/versions of the aircraft. Plus we all got a free pin badge! Back at RAF Cranwell we got changed into civi's for Team Building with the Air Cadet Outreach Team. During the team building run by Mal, Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty arrived to visit us and joined in the team building (sorry to say not the winning team). Then Mal addressed the cadets about RAF life and answered questions about joining up. Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty then addressed the cadets and answered several questions including one from a cheeky cadet who asked if the camp mascot Monkey Tipps could be an Air Commodore and for a quick photo he was! Next we got back into uniform for the drill comp. A flight won. We then gave out the certificates for camp. Sgt Stokkereit got best cadet. Cadet Hicks got Most Improved. Cpl Lown got Best Sports. CWO Strays B Flight won overall. We then went bowling again and paper plates were awarded.

Drill Practice


We packed and cleaned and spent a long time on a coach singing the Rocky Theme Tune! A fantastic week, enjoyed by everyone. Roll on Cranwell 2015!

Blog by WO K Mattingly

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