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27-Feb-2012 to 2-Mar-2012

Paragliding Course

In February 2012 I was lucky enough to be one of twelve cadets who attended a week long Paragliding course in Wales.

The course itself was an introduction on how to fly a paraglider and hopefully by the end of the course we would be qualified as Elementary Paragliding and Hang Gliding Pilots but the course is not as easy as it sounds! You do need a fair amount of strength and stamina to undertake this course as it is physically and mentally exhausting.

First off just like any other cadet you would have to apply for the course through your sqn but these course’s are very few and far between and I actually applied for the course back in January 2011 and when I was offered one of the places on the course I was overjoyed but the best was still yet to come.

When I arrived at RAF Crickhowell in Wales I immediately knew it was different to any other RAF base and that it was, the base is actually the RAF's Force Development Training Centre.

The week was jam packed with a lot of flying which was great for us because it meant we got the best out of the course but along with all that flying there was an academic side to it as well but it was good as it was basic principles of flight which you learn in your cadet syllabus anyway.

The camp itself was also extremely laid back which was great because everyone just got to know each other so much more and it was great being able to meet cadets and staff from all over the country and just have a bit of fun while we were learning. Whilst it may have been a cadet camp it didn’t feel like it which was great.

Once you have proven that you are capable flyer and the staff thinks you’re ready you will take a 25 question test and providing you pass you will officially be a qualified elementary paragliding and hang gliding pilot.

My overall thoughts on the week are it was one of the best weeks of my life and I would recommend the course to anyone. It is such an amazing experience and you get to meet some amazing people, both cadets and staff.

Cpl Sean Field
2327 (Havant) Sqn

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