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Twelve of us had the pleasure of going to 2 AEF at Boscombe Down today. We had to be at the Squadron for 7am (on a Sunday morning!!!) and the weather forecast was not good. But the early start and minibus ride was well worth it. All of got to fly on an excellent day. In our group of 12 were 4 new fliers as well and they had massive grins on their faces when they returned from their flight.

We all flew in a Grob-Tutor Plane for a minimum of 25 minutes each. Before we fly, we all have to listen to a safety DVD and briefing, then run through some drills. I was allowed to take my camera up with me and I took a photo of myself whilst we were doing a loop the loop at 6000 feet!!! It was awesome!!!

Can't wait for the next slots!!!

Sgt Emily Stray

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