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First Aid (Day 2)

Tags: First Aid


Following on from Day One of the course (11th June), all six cadets returned for the final part of their training and examination for their First Aid Course at 443 (Basingstoke) Squadron. You will be glad to know all passed their relevant exams and are now qualified

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First Aid (Day 1)

Tags: First Aid


On Saturday the 11th of June, a group of 6 cadets (Sgt Stray; Cdt Vinter; Cdt Horn; Cdt Seaton; Cdt Deakins and Cdt Dolman) travelled to 443 (Basingstoke) Squadron to start working towards their first aid qualifications. The journey up there was quite eventful, due to a rather poorly placed one way system, and some confusion over finding the right street, but luckily they got there in time (thanks Mr Guppy). We were taught how to deal with emergency situations, and how we should respond if we were ever in a situation in which we would have to administer First aid.

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